Environmental Chambers

Environmental chambers are devices that are used to simulate an environment of a different temperature humidity or climate, etc. They are also used to simulate and test in things such as altitude, radiation, wind, bacteria, dust, chemical exposure and vacuums. These chambers are used in many different industries and especially useful for the testing of electronic and telecommunication components to see how they hold up in various types of conditions. The chambers are ideal for performing quality control tests along with other types of experiments. Environmental chambers are also commonly known as test chambers.

The testing is performed on products to make sure that they are both safe and reliable before being shipped out to be used with other items or are put on the market. Environmental chambers come in various sizes. A chamber could be the size of a small aquarium or it could be the size of a building and anywhere in between. Large building sized chambers are generally used to test things such as airplanes and military vehicles. The size of test chamber you need will depend on the items you are testing.

Environmental chambers are made of thermally insulated material on the inside and are fitted with heaters and humidity generating equipment such as spray nozzles, atomizers and steam generators to alter the environmental conditions. An interface is provided on the outside as a control panel that allows testers to control the parameters. Feedback equipment that monitors the performance of the components placed in the environmental chambers can also be attached.

Printouts and other types of outputs can be generated to provide the information on the performance and parameters of the testing cycle. The chambers are selected by various things such as: the internal size, the range of temperatures that can be set, the possible humidity settings, the input voltage and current, and the type of control panel interface, etc.

These types of chambers are used to make sure that the tested products can sustain real life situations and do not fail under extreme environments. The chambers are used to run highly accelerated stress test for IC components. The IC chip can be tested much more quickly which cuts down on development and production time.

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