Barricade Tape

If you have ever seen a crime movie or a television show such as CSI you may be familiar with fluorescent tape which is used to keep people out of a certain area. And although this tape usually says “police line to not cross” the tape itself doesn’t offer a significant physical deterrent to people from entering an area. This type of barricade tape is set up to provide more of a visual indicator and warning so people know that they should not cross the line. Barricade tape is also commonly used in various types of industries and construction sites to warn people of imminent danger. They are used for a variety of reasons such as marking a prohibited area or marking a dangerous area that may be unstable.

Barricade tapes are generally supplied in large rolls of varying sizes. They can be plain, striped or fluorescent and they often have warning messages such as "caution" or "danger" printed on them. They are usually made of tough, weather resistant plastic or vinyl that cannot be torn easily.

Reinforced tapes are also available that do not tear easily and do not sag when stretched over larger distances without support. Repulpable tapes that are made of thick paper or pulp are also available. Ecologically sensitive zones can use biodegradable tape that is made of polyethylene that breaks down into white powder within four to five years.

Make sure that the tape you use is strong and that the message is printed repeatedly on the tape. To be effective, the letters also have to be easily readable from a reasonable distance. However, you need to be aware that just because you have posted a large, glow in the dark, easily readable piece of barricade tape up, that not everybody is going to be able to see it or obey it. You shouldn’t assume that the tape will be seen so you should also use as many other types of safety devices as possible in the area. These could include safety cones or pylons and other types of warning signs. It would also help if the hazardous area is also well lit. Also make sure that the tape will stay in place. You may want to use clips or other types of fasteners to keep the tape attached to the cones or stakes.

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