Anti-Slip Tape

Stairs and ledges always hold high risk of serious injury if the slightest wrong move is made on them. If something slippery gets on stairs or on the bottom of your feet, the risk is increased. Anti-slip tapes provide steady traction in places where there wouldn't normally be any.

Anti-slip tape is ideal for construction zones and workplaces. They can be used at any location and stick to almost any surface. Cleaning materials do not affect the usefulness of anti-slip floor tapes and the tapes will not cause any type of damage or excess wear to the floors on which they're applied.

Anti-slip tapes do wear down but not for a long period of time. Ranging anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to 24 inches wide, anti-slip floor tapes are appropriate for stairs and large surface areas alike. As you decide on the location the tape will be going, also consider the various treads that are available. Different types of tread will be more effective in certain areas.

Master Stop anti-slip hazard tape is very effective. This abrasive substance, when used on stairs, ledges and ramps, lowers the chances of someone falling in those places. The tape is available in bright, noticeable colors, warning people to be cautious of their surroundings. Glow-in-the-dark tape is also available, and is convenient for outdoor use or during power outages. There are many different sizes of Master Stop anti-slip hazard tape, and custom sizing, colors and logos are available as well.

Location of the tape is very important, as not all brands will stick to all surfaces. When seeking anti-slip tapes for wood, fiberglass or varnished surfaces, use 3M Safety Walk anti-slip tapes. Instead of bright and noticeable colors, 3M tapes come in white, clear and black. White and clear are ideal for refined businesses that care about safety while still wanting to look professional. 3M black anti-slip tapes are the most effective in preventing slips and falls.

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