ERP Software

The ongoing popularity of the ERP methodology has led to the development of customized software applications to enable businesses to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in diverse business areas such as: finance, HR, inventory management, and customer service, etc. While several ERP packages are available in the marketplace, it would be prudent to first assess your requirement and then match it with the appropriate ERP solution.

Initially, software packages existed mainly for the accounting industry. Then, software applications were implemented in all business areas and were dubbed under ERP to differentiate it from accounting software. ERP is a business management system that integrates the varied aspects of a business such as: manufacturing, planning, sales, distribution and marketing into a single, consolidated industrial software. Cost-effective and efficient, ERP systems offer a single source application, thereby reducing overall management costs and increasing return on investment.

A good software package has to be in place to allow various sections of the company to communicate easily with each other. In today’s world it’s imperative that all of the departments of a business know what each other is doing. You can’t ship out 10,000 mufflers if there are only 8,000 in stock or if your delivery trucks are being serviced and are not on the road. You need to know what is happening in all aspects of the business from pre production to shipping.

An ERP system isn’t any good to a business if it isn’t used properly. It is important that all of the employees who will be using the software are properly trained on it. You also need a good technical support team in place to make sure that the system is always up and working as much as possible. You may also employ software programmers in the company if your programs and methods are constantly changing. An out of date ERP system will also be of no use to you either. Make sure that all of the company’s needs are studied properly before implementing an ERP system.

The latest ERP packages are open source meaning it enables customization to specific industry environments and integrates with various web services.

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