Industrial Software

Industrial software assists in the proper planning of work for manufacturing and other industries. These computer programs considerably reduce costs, reduce manpower requirements and help to eliminate human error. The software integrates all phases of the manufacturing cycle. Phases such as: work planning, where batches of components can be tracked; estimations, shop and sales orders and the actual manufacturing process itself. Software can also be used in the shipping process of the finished good and can be integrated with other functions of an organization. For example, software installed to handle the inventory section of the production unit can also communicate with the module in accounts/finance department to place a requisition for funds needed to place an order.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps to automate the entire processes of an organization. The system can integrate all business units or profit centers on a global scale and combine synergies for predictive performance. The aim of these systems is to empower management with tools that can precisely tell them which products or business units are making profit and which ones are not making any money. Certain amounts of intelligence can also be built into the system so that it recognizes bottlenecks and suggests alternatives.

There are various types of software used in the industrial world such as inventory management software, scheduling software, construction estimating software, budgeting software, and time management software. There is also software available to help out in the industrial office sector as industrial software covers accounting functions like: receivables/payables, banking, payroll, general ledger, posting, and tables, etc.

Many industries will buy pre made software packages for their businesses however some businesses will also have software packages custom made for them. Many off the shelf programs often need to be changed to fit a company’s needs. The custom made software ensures that the company’s specific needs will be met. Many companies will have internal software developers working for them to meet their needs. If your company uses custom made software, make sure that the employees are properly trained in the program and that there is sufficient technical support for the programs.


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