Storage Racks

In a manufacturing or warehousing setup, the use of storage racks is very important. Not only are they used for storing finished products, but they are also used for keeping buffer stocks of raw materials and other types of work that is in progress. This saves on stress, time and cost, as you already have materials stored on site and don’t have to order them and wait for their delivery. However, the principle constraint of excessive storage is that it can often lead to space blockage and in some cases may lead to inaccessibility of raw materials.

Storage racks are made to hold various types of storage containers on them such as storage boxes, shipping crates, cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, pallets, cartons, bins, and bin boxes, etc. While choosing an ideal storage device some points that need to be taken care of are the space that you have and the accessibility into it. Of the two, space is a very important factor and ideally storage devices must be tailored to the space requirements of the setup. You must also take into the account the weight of the products you will be storing and their dimensions and volume etc. Another important factor of course, is the type of materials that you are going to place on your storage racks.

You can buy storage racks that are already built to handle specific items or you may have to have your storage racks custom built to suit your needs. Storage racks can be made in a wide variety of materials such as plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon compounds, etc. Fiberglass and composite storage racks are ideal for chemicals and oils, etc. as they are resistant to their properties, while steel shelving racks are good for holding a lot of weight on them. You may also need racks that are fireproof and/or waterproof.

Some different types of popular storage racks are pushback racks, pallet racks, cantilever racks, sliding racks, selective pallet racks and drive-through racks.

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