Steel Shelving

Steel shelves are universally used as storage racks in many types of environments such as: in industries, warehouses, shopping malls, libraries, defense facilities, households, assembly shops, and garages, etc. This type of shelving is generally made of slotted steel angles. Steel shelves are usually used when heavy items need to be stacked in multiple racks and the space available is limited. Since steel sections are more rigid and stronger than other types of shelving, the shelf can have a smaller span, but larger stack heights and greater load carrying abilities. There are various types of steel that can be used for shelving and it also comes in different levels of thickness.

Long steel angles with slots to fix screws on them can usually be purchased in bulk from steel service centers. If the design for the shelf is ready, then the required lengths of slots required for the legs can be ordered. The slots can take standard screws and other types of fastening units. Steel shelves can have either a metal sheet to place the material on or come with wire frames. Sheet metal and slotted angles of different gauges are used to make them. If required, the angles can also be welded together rather than fixed with bolts or other fasteners. The steel shelves can easily be integrated with various types of material storage systems.

Although steel shelving is made to handle quite a bit of weight, you still need to make sure that you are not overloading it. Make sure that you know the weight specifications of the shelving before you use it. If you can’t find any standard steel shelving that suits your needs you can have it custom made to suit you. Steel shelving can handle just about any type of storage box, storage crate, cardboard box, corrugated box, bin, bin box, shipping case, shipping crate, and shipping box, etc. Steel shelves may also be used to store individual items such as small motors that aren’t in storage containers on them. If you are storing heavy free-standing items on steel shelving be careful not to knock them off as they could break or cause an injury.


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