Steel Drums

These steel drums are not the musical instruments that you often find in the West Indies, these steel drums are shipping and storage containers that are used to store and ship a variety of items such as: chemicals, hazardous waste material, water, fuels and oils, food items, pharmaceutical products, and live stock items, etc. Steel drums are made by castings, deep drawing and forming and sometimes, even by metal fabrication. They can be supplied as open top drums or drums with secure tops that feature locking mechanisms, vents and plugs on them.

Steel drums are: hygienic, they do not retain odors, they can be made moisture free, they can be corrosion resistant and they can be cleaned easily. They can also be coated by using different types of coatings and painting processes.

These drums are generally made of cold-rolled steel for superior strength and durability and they can be made with or without epoxy phenolic or polymer liners. However, if you are shipping any kind of hazardous and caustic materials you will need liners to help stop the drums from corroding. Any steel drums that are manufactured or used in the U.S. have to adhere to strict domestic government or United Nations regulations for shipping any type of hazardous materials.

Both sets of regulations deal with specific requirements for such things as drum wall thickness, inspection, liner types, welds, and drum material type. Manufacturers and shippers may also have to follow regulations that are set by specific types of industries and their associations such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, cosmetic, fragrance and electronics.

Steel drums are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The volume that they can hold, along with the drum’s wall thickness is important. Since the drums have smooth exteriors, suitable lifting and handling devices such as hooks and handles can be fitted onto them. Stainless steel drums are often used in the food processing industry to store and transfer liquids and other items from one stage to another. Since they do not carry odors, and can be cleaned easily, they are the best choice. Hospitals and healthcare centers also use steel drums because they can be sterilized easily.

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