Shipping Crates

Shipping crates are shipping and storage containers that can be made of corrugated boxes, wooden planks, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel, carbon steel, and plywood. However, most shipping crates that are used are made of wood. Plastic and aluminum crates are often used for items that are being continuously shipped such as musical equipment. The crates are used to transport various types of items such as electronics, sensitive equipment and measuring instruments. These crates are designed to protect the freight from any type of accidental damage and pilferage during shipping.

Depending on the crate material, a number of choices are available with respect to the: size, weight the crate can safely carry, internal volume, and wall thickness etc. When large organizations need to ship material in wooden crates, they sometimes order the planks and build the crates in house which saves on transportation and other costs.

The construction of shipping crates will vary depending on the construction material and what the crate is going to be used for. Fiberglass and plastic crates are often molded into shape. These types of crates come in the widest assortment of styles and designs and they can be constructed to fit just about any type of freight. Most metal and wood crates are built in square or rectangular shapes and they will uses some kind of interior padding to help protect the goods .

Most crates that are made from metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel will come with hinges, clamps and locking devices. Wooden crates generally use nails and wood adhesives to keep them together. The wood should be heat treated to make sure there are no insects or pests in it. Many nations have strict rules that prohibit any wood crates that haven’t been heat treated to enter the country.

After packing the goods, the crates can be reinforced with plastic or metal straps, sealed and labeled for easy transportation and handling. Facility for lifting with forklifts, pallet trucks or lifting with hoists is provided. Make sure that the shipping crates you are using can handle the weight you are loading into them. You must also take care while using wooden crates as they can be damaged or splinter if they are not handled carefully.

Some shipping crates are fitted with casters for easy wheeling and movement. The crates can be transported by: road, rail, waterways and by the air in trucks, trains, ships and cargo planes. Sometimes, goods are packed into shipping crates and are then loaded into larger shipping containers and the whole container is shipped.

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