Shipping Cases

Shipping cases are secure shipping and storage boxes or containers that can be made out of molded plastic, wood, aluminum, and sheet metal instead of cardboard. Sensitive equipment, cameras, guns, hazardous and toxic chemicals and goods of high value, etc. can be securely packed in to these shipping cases, locked and sealed, and then shipped out.

Many of these cases have reinforced plastic walls for added strength and are sealed with rubber gaskets or O rings to ensure that total sealing and protection from dust, moisture and water is present. The cases are fitted with telescopic long handles and casters to allow the cases to be pulled and pushed easily. These cases have various features such as: continuous molded hinges, trigger release locks and latches, snap-down rubber cushion grips, automatic ambient pressure equalizer valves, and water proofing, etc. They are often used by the defense forces to carry sensitive material over very rough terrain. Suitable padded foam lining can also be provided so that items such as camera lenses, laptops, strobes, etc. are securely held and can be transported without the fear of jerks and shocks.

Hardwood shipping cases are often found in the film and music industries to transport heavy musical equipment, cables, lighting and props, etc. These cases have a smooth exterior surface to protect against splintering problems. They are designed and constructed to handle the wear and tear of rough and frequent shipping. The corners of the cases are generally glued, nailed and screwed tightly to make sure that they are sturdy and reliable.

When items are transported by air, in cargo planes, they are usually packed into shipping cases that are known as flight containers. The exterior of these cases is generally constructed from either aluminum or plastic. Aluminum flight cases are usually much more durable than plastic ones, but they are generally heavier and bulkier. The interior of these cases is generally built from plywood which is covered by cushioning for added protection. The corners of the cases may be covered with steel plates for more stability. These cases need to meet the standards that are set by the Airline Transport Association (ATA) and have to pass various tests before being approved.

Shipping cases are available in a variety of sizes and colors and are selected by features such as internal size, weight, and ruggedness, etc. However, you can also get custom shipping cases made to fit your personal needs.

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