Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are objects that are used to transport things such as medicines, electronic components, and white goods, etc. They are generally made out of strong two or three layers of corrugated cardboard sheets. Courier, shipping, delivery and freight companies frequently use these products to send freight by air and ground. These corrugated boxes can be directly placed in the packaging line, filled with the ready to ship products, packed, barcoded, sealed, and then strapped and sent out for shipping.

By using additional metallic and plastic reinforcement straps at the sides and bottoms, the crushing capacity of the cardboard box increases which allows heavier loads to be stacked on top of each other, in addition to being able to hold more weight inside of the box. Foam protected shipping boxes are also available which are used to transport expensive items such as works of art. Shipping boxes often have printing or other types of graphics on them to identify the products that are inside of them.

Shipping boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are selected according to their internal volume, their ply or wall thickness and other reinforcement factors. Plastic lining sheets and moisture absorbing salt packets are sometimes used to protect the packed goods from moisture and rain. It is especially important to use these items to ensure that electronic and other sensitive equipment are not damaged during shipping.

Shipping boxes are relatively strong, but remember they are really made out of cardboard so they do have their weak points. When cardboard gets wet it can become very easy to tear and rip. It is also common for the bottom of a cardboard box and corrugated box to fall out or collapse when it is wet. If a shipping box is reinforced with metal or plastic straps make sure that you never pick the box up by the straps as they could break and the box may fall, and the straps can be very sharp and cause you a serious injury.

You should also make sure that the boxes you are using can handle the weight that you are putting into them and make sure that you don’t stack too many boxes on top of each other.

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