Recycling Containers

Everyone knows the importance of recycling what we use. If your office is trying to recycle, you will need a few items to help you keep up the good work. This is where recycling containers can give you a bit of assistance.

These containers can help you in a few ways. They can organize your recycling efforts so that everybody knows where they should place different items. This alone can help keep your workplace looking neat and tidy. Plastic recycling containers make it just as easy to throw the used item in a recycling bin as throwing it in a trash can. One reason many people don't recycle is simply because there is no designated recycling area nearby.

Depending on what you are recycling, you will want to look at several types of recycling containers. Paper recycling containers should have some kind of lid on top, preferably a slotted one so that curious coworkers can't pull out someone else's used paper. For plastic recycling, you will likely see a lot of soda bottles. Get some blue plastic bags to go in the recycling bins so nobody will mistake the contents for plain old garbage.

Ink cartridge recycling is not only good for the environment, but it's also good for your pocketbook as well. Some manufacturers and office supply stores will give you a small refund or some type of incentive for bringing your used ink cartridges back to them. You can buy an ink cartridge recycling bin that has a locking rear door to prevent theft.

You can find recycling containers that hold as little as 28 quarts or as much as 50 pounds. Some are tall and thin, while others are short and squat. Try to find a bin with handles for easy carrying. You may want a lid as well, though this will depend on the type of trash you will be collecting. In order to take the items to the recycling center, you may want to get a tilt truck that can carry all of your bags. It looks a lot like a wheelbarrow but does not have long handles.

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