Rackmount Cases

Rackmount cases are used to pack and transport such products as computers, laptops, measuring and analysis instruments, scientific equipment, hazardous and toxic substances, military equipment and defense instruments. The Rack mount cases organize and secure the equipment against jolts, shocks and vibrations during movement. There are various types of rack mount cases available such as single lid cases, flange mount cases, grab 'n roll cases, double-lid cases, specialty cases and quick ship cases.

Rackmount cases are available in a variety of sizes and they are light weight and ergonomic. They also come in an assortment of colors. The cases can be used for carrying and for shipping purposes. Many types of cases will come with two detachable lids which let you access your sensitive equipment from either side of the case. Because you are moving thousands of dollars worth of equipment, a good rackmount case should be very rugged and durable. It should also be water resistant and low maintenance. A rackmount case should last you for quite a few years.

The frame of a rackmount case is generally made of heat-treated and lightweight aluminum or steel and has ribs, which reduce the cases weight and add to its strength. Some cases may be made out of plastic. Suitable harness and fastening devices that are made of plastic or rubber are provided to secure the components without doing any damage. The frames can be stacked or secured to cabinets. Shock mounts and vibration absorbers that absorb shock and vibration are provided. The cross section is rectangular. However, it is possible to have special cases made for different products.

The cases may also be fitted with casters and handles for easier transport. Other options that are available for rackmout cases include things such as air tight cases, coupling catchers, drawers, foam cushioning for extra protection, rack extension, humidity indicators, identification plates, keyboard trays, labels, lid hangers, tie down rings, locking cables, rack slides, shelves, stainless steel hardware, storage pouches and support rails.

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