Rackmount Cabinets

Rackmount cabinets are devices that are used to house servers, computers, networking communication devices and other electronic devices securely. Racks are used to secure the equipment against any possible damage and unauthorized use. The cabinets are made of 14-gauge steel and feature suitable openings for cable management. The devices can also be fitted with cooling fans, which will help to remove any heat that is generated by servers.

A rackmount cabinet consists of a housing which has vertical mounting strips or rails on where the equipment can secured by bolts or clips. These cabinets have either front mounting rails or front and back rails. The configuration will depend on how much the mounted equipment weighs. A rack mount cabinet is built to EIA standard, which means a 19 inch cabinet. This standard is set by Electronic Industries Alliance. The standards are the imposed construction dimension guidelines that are used to make sure that the equipment is compatible between all manufactured brands. Nineteen inches is the width of the cabinet.

Rackmount cabinets are also divided into sections called units, which are another standardized measurement. A unit is used to let you know what the height measurements are within a rack. All types of equipment that is designed for rack mounting should have a unit (U) number on it. This measurement system of units will let you know exactly how much room you will need for your equipment and how much space will be left over.

The amount of circuits and strips in the rack will depend on how many pieces of equipment are going to be mounted. Make sure that the power sources are in the correct voltage for your equipment.

The doors and walls of the cabinets are made of perforated panels, allowing easy visibility of the screen, monitor and lights. The cabinets are designed for vertical and horizontal standing. They are classified by their height, their depth, their width, their weight and their interior size. To prevent any unauthorized access, locks may be installed on the doors. The cabinets can either stand-alone or be stacked in a bay. The structure can be also painted or powder coated for a stronger finish.

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