Rack Cases

Rack cases are rugged material shipping and storage cases that are made of polyethylene or aluminum and steel sheets. These cases are used to store and transport many types of sensitive devices such as: camera equipment, computer equipment, audio equipment, medical instruments, chemicals, measuring instruments, communication equipment, and radios, etc. Rack cases are often used by people such as defense agencies, musicians, research labs and other types of organizations that have to move sensitive equipment over rough terrain. Polyethylene is usually used to construct rack cases as it is a very durable and chemical resistant plastic. It is also is quite hard, rigid and lightweight. Rack cases can be carried as portable cases and they can also be shipped.

Rack cases come in many designs however a standard rack case generally has a solid molded shell and two removable lids, generally one at the front and the back. The lids are attached and sealed by gaskets to keep dust, dirt and moisture out during transporting. Various brackets and supports are often used to reinforce the cases. The cases can be also be customized to meet your specific needs.

The internal chassis of a rack case is mounted on shock proof and vibration free mounting that ensures the equipment is protected from jolts when it is being transported over a rough road. The case is reinforced, lightweight and waterproof. Some types of rack cases have pressure-equalizing systems that protect the stored devices from pressure gradients when they are being transported. Suitable restraining devices such as straps and foam padding help to prevent the goods from being tossed against the walls of the case.

Since rack cases are portable devices they can come with many options such as handles, wheels and carrying straps. Other functional devices can also be included such as recessed latches and hinges, anti-shear locks, locking cables, humidity indicators, and identification plates.

The rack cases are selected by: their internal capacity, the weight that can be transported in them, their color and other safety devices. The metal cases are powder coated and if required can be painted with camouflage patterns. Rack cases are constructed to meet EIA standards which means they conform to 19-inch rack mount dimensions.

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