Paper Tubes

Paper tubes are used in a wide array of industrial applications. Though paper tubes are often cylindrical in shape, they are also available in various other shapes such as rectangles, triangles and cone-shapes. They generally come in stock sizes and shapes however you can also custom order them to suit your needs. These paper tubes are normally made from a vast variety of paper products such as fiberboard, paperboard, and Kraft paper, etc., and are used in an assortment of applications ranging from rocket bodies, shipping, medical supplies, packaging and textiles.

The paper tubes that are inserted into the middle of a roll of paper towels are called cores. These tubes are used for rolling things onto, such as thread, yarn, tape, paper, cotton candy etc. Paper tubes are made on spiral winder and convolute paper conversion machines. The strips of paper that are used to form the tubes are called plies. One ply is bonded to another ply by an adhesive, etc. Spiral wound paper tubes generally have numerous plies of filler grade paper and cover stock plies. Convolute wound paper tubes typically consist of chipboard or corrugated cardboard.

The most important parameters while choosing a paper tube product are its dimensions, the material used and the thickness of paper. Stronger tubes are usually made of 16 plies or from corrugated cardboard. In some instances, paper tubes may be lined with some special materials such as glass or rust-resistant chemicals for specific industrial applications. Paper tubes that are used for retail packaging usually have artwork or lettering printed on them before they are wound. They may also be waxed or laminated and can come in various colors.

After the paper tube is made it can be seamed tight or have caps at the ends depending upon the application. There are various types of tube endings you can choose from such as simple plugs, seamed metal ends, over caps, screw caps, and discs made of metal, plastic, wood, and cardboard.

Some benefits of using paper tubing are its flexibility and toughness. It is environmentally friendly because paper is a renewable and is a recyclable resource. The tubes can handle high temperatures and are relatively inexpensive.

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