Packaging Equipment

The act of packaging finished industrial goods and components is an integral part of the manufacturing process. In fact, it’s an integral part of many types of other businesses as well. The process of packaging serves several important functions such as protecting your goods during shipping and it helps in the display and the storage of the goods. The term packaging equipment refers to the entire range of materials and machinery that are used during the packaging process.

Some materials that are commonly used in the process of packaging are: wood, textiles, corrugated boxes, cardboard, and plastic, etc. Not only must the goods be transported safely; they must also be adequately protected to prevent damage them from any internal damage. If an electronic device such as a computer is dropped it may not show any signs of physical damage on the outside, but it may be damaged on the inside of the unit. Packaging involves certain types of processes such as: accumulating, batching, bagging, banding, sleeving, bundling, capping, cartoning, closing and cleaning.

Packaging equipment may be designed to fill and/or seal many different types of packaging containers such as bags, jars, boxes, tubes, bottles, capsules, trays, and cans, etc. Many types of packages need extra protection such as foams inserted in them and packaging machinery can be designed for this task. Some equipment can perform every step of the packaging process including forming, filling and sealing, while other machinery may only be able to do one task. Many packaging processes use conveyor systems to send the articles to the machinery.

One example of a common type of packaging machinery is a cartoner. These machines are designed to pack various types of industrial goods and are commonly used across a wide spectrum of industries ranging from the automobile industry to the petrochemical sector. Other common packaging machines include stretch wrapper equipment, case sealer equipment, capping equipment, vacuum sealers, and shrink wrappers. Packaging machinery can be operated either manually or automatically. Because of its importance in protecting and providing a marketable appearance, packaging is a very important function in the manufacturing process.

In other types of industries that sell their goods commercially, packaging is also a visual thing as a product has to be attractive to catch the consumer’s eye. The packaging may be colorful and neatly designed with a price label on the product. There are some government regulations that must be followed for some types of packaged goods to protect the consumer’s health and safety. These regulations are especially strict in the pharmaceutical sector to stop people from tampering with the products.

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