Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are coverings that are used to protect an assortment of valuable or breakable items such as furniture, refrigerators, and TVs when transporting them from one location to another. They are commonly used by museums, furniture moving companies and packaging companies. They are also used to protect valuable items such as wood floors, artwork, antiques, and truck and van interiors. Additionally, moving blankets are often used for house renovation, recreation, camping and picnics. These blankets are made of different types of materials such as soft felt, cloth, canvas, plastic, woven, non-woven and stitched varieties. Moving blankets may also be known as moving pads, warehouse pads, furniture blankets, and craft pads.

Most common types of blankets are made from a non-woven material such as muslin, or polyester/polyester mix. Muslin generally lasts longer and is a higher quality material. Warehouse and factory blankets are generally made of polyester. The filling is usually made of cotton batting or waste fabric. The edges of the blankets are either stitched or are bound with fabric. The quality of the blanket is generally determined by the amount of batting material, the type of binding, and the stitching that is used.

Moving blankets are designed to provide protection against air-borne dirt and dust and also to provide protection against scratching and tearing from sharp edges, etc. When used for interior decorating, they are commonly used to protect the items from primer, paint, and wallpaper glue, etc. The blankets should be able to breathe freely and contain suitable mold prevention chemicals. Moving blankets can also be placed inside certain objects to prevent mold and termites from proliferating them. Moving blankets are available in a variety of standard sizes. Many types of blankets have double or triple layers with cotton batting inside. They are also available in a variety of colors and have suitable harnesses. They can be purchased in bulk or individually.

Top of the line moving blankets may be washed and used over and over again. These blankets should last you for several years at least.

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