Custom Carrying Cases

Sensitive articles such as laptop computers, cameras and lenses, laboratory equipment, and musical instruments and amplifiers are usually carried in special molded plastic or metallic cases to protect the devices from damage, moisture and dust. Special product manufacturers, defense personnel, scientists and mobile hospitals are only some examples of professionals that employ the use of custom carrying cases.

These cases may be fireproof and because they feature internal spring and vibration free mounts, the components can withstand reasonable shocks and jerks. Make sure that you always have a locking device on your carrying case, and it’s not a bad idea to have a name plate on it or some other form of identification.

The cases are of a strong and rugged construction with a contour foam-lined interior where the devices are safely, firmly and snugly placed. Based on the products that are carried, the cases can be portable, fitted with telescopic handles and casters or may be mounted on rails. Suitable restraints and harnesses are provided to secure the contents and the case. Special attention is paid to the aesthetics of custom carrying cases that are designed for consumer goods such as cameras, camcorders and laptops. This adds to the ownership value of the product.

When you are ordering a custom carrying case you will need to know what size, color and weight case you will need. You will also have to decide if you want a waterproof carrying case, a water tight carrying case, a soft material case such as leather, or a hard case. You can also customize the inside of the carrying case with different compartments and foam protection for your articles. There are so many options to consider when ordering a custom carrying case and it’s a good idea to make a list of them all. Make sure you are very clear on all the aspects of the case while you are ordering one or describing it to the manufacturer.

Carrying cases that are shipped by air need to obey strict Air Transport Authority (ATA) regulations and many manufacturers build carrying cases that are made for air transportation which have built-in air circulation and humidity control.

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