Corrugated Boxes

You will find corrugated boxes everywhere around the world. They are used to pack, store and transport a wide array of items such as: pizza, take-out food, toys, clothes, television sets, kitchenware, glassware, and ceramic objects, etc. Industrial uses for corrugated boxes include: packing microprocessors, computers, keyboards, sound cards, monitors, speakers, food products, glasses, bottles, jugs, and assembly components, etc. To prevent material from falling out, the boxes are often tightly sealed with adhesive tapes or even nylon and metal bands.

Corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paper or cardboard and are stronger than regular types of cardboard boxes. The corrugated layer has flutes that run along the vertical length and since there are hollow spaces, it traps the air inside, which acts like a cushion. Depending on how strong the box should be there can be more than one layer of these corrugated flutes, which are called walls.

Corrugated sheets of cardboard are made in heavy-duty machines called corrugators. Cardboard is fully eco-friendly as it is made from natural substances, is recyclable and biodegradable and does not harm the environment. Corrugated cardboard can be constructed from either hardwood or softwood pulp. Soft woods give the cardboard more strength and durability. Corrugated box strength is designated with an edge crush test number and the higher the number, the stronger the cardboard box is.

Corrugated cardboard was first introduced in 1874, and the first corrugated cardboard box was born 1890. Soon after, they were being manufactured in bulk and were replacing the heavier wooden boxes that were being used.

Corrugated boxes are specified by their overall dimensions. There are many types of corrugated boxes such as: tall boxes, heavy duty boxes, corrugated pads, side loaders, easy-fold mailers, storage bins, white corrugated boxes, storage file boxes, computer boxes, and moving boxes. Boxes come in many designs such as: cube boxes, multi-depth boxes, flat boxes, long boxes, telescopic tall boxes, large side loaders and easy-seal side loaders.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are quite strong however you must be sure not to stack too many of them on top of each other or overload them with too much weight. These boxes may also rip and tear if they become wet and the bottom may also give out.

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