Carrying Cases

Carrying cases are great transportation devices to use when you want to get things from point A to point B. You can purchase prepackaged cases which have all of the bells and whistles in them. Generally, carrying cases come in a metal encasement with foam padding inside to protect whatever it is that you need to transport. However, carrying cases also come in other materials such as plastic, thermoplastic, aluminum, nylon, leather, polyester, polyethylene and wood, etc., and can be vacuum formed, blow-molded, injection-molded and roto-molded. Polyethylene carrying cases may be roto-molded or tooled. The tooled cases are heavy duty as they are built with rivets, steel nickel-plated industrial frames and heavy gauge steel corners.

Carrying cases are ideal for carrying a wide variety of items such as photographic equipment, medical instruments, scientific instruments, music instruments, amplifiers, cables, spotlights, and computer parts, etc. Most people prefer to use a lightweight and strong carrying case as it can handle all of the hazards of shipping and everyday uses.

Most types of carrying cases can also be used in conjunction with locks for sensitive items. Metal cases can also be waterproofed, airproof, dustproof and crush proof. You can also get various types of options for a carrying case to make it easier to transport. These include features such as casters, in-line wheels, pulleys, handles and straps. Carrying cases are available in an assortment of colors and some of them have brass or gold trimming on them.

Carrying cases that need to be shipped by air have to adhere to strict Air Transport Authority (ATA) regulations and many manufacturers build carrying cases that are made for air transportation which have built-in air circulation and humidity control.

You need to decide what your particular needs are when you are looking for an ideal carrying case. Do you need heavy duty wheels, shelves, customizable foam or does it need to be light and easy to carry? If there are environmental or fragile concerns, a custom carrying case is likely to be your best option.

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