Burlap Bags

Everyone knows that the environment needs a little help sometimes. Shipping materials can be hard on our natural resources, especially when they are thrown into the trash and wind up in a landfill. Perhaps it's time to look into a shipping bag that is gentler and maybe a bit more rustic as well!

Burlap bags are made of biodegradable materials that will not clog up a landfill; instead, the burlap fabric will eventually break down into fibers that can be absorbed into the soil. These bags will make a great first impression when you use them to ship items that have a countrified air, like birdseed and produce. However, they can really be used to ship anything that does not require the structure of a cardboard box. Best of all, bags made of burlap fabric do not have any synthetic materials in their pedigree – they are made of plant fiber that will decay naturally without any effort on the customer's part.

Some warehouses suggest using these bags for storage as well as shipping. They are tough enough to keep even sharp, awkward items contained. For greasy tools, a burlap bag is the perfect dumping spot. You can keep any extra produce in them, just like the old days. Animal feed and planting seed will also go in a burlap bag quite nicely.

You can find burlap sacks in nearly any size. For your smaller items, get the 4x6 size. If you are sending a large item or sending merchandise in bulk, you can find a burlap bag as large as 23x40. If you need a specific amount of burlap fabric, some suppliers will cut it to your exact measurements. Some burlap sacks can be hard to find, so once you find a good supplier, you will want to take note. Burlap bags are just as useful today as they were 100 years ago, so take advantage of their old-fashioned charm while you can.

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