When you need to store ready to use items, work in process components and components in assembly lines, bins are the storage containers that are commonly used. Bins can be made from a wide variety of materials such as plastic, sheet metal, fiberglass, corrugated plastic, polypropylene, cardboard, steel, and tin. Bins usually have an open front and top face and they can also be stacked on top of each other (which is great because stackable bins can really help you save space). They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they usually have a square cross section. Bins are used in many industrial areas such as: assembly shops, warehouses; spare parts dealers, dealers of automotive and electronic components, garbage and waste disposal, and storage of food and medicines, etc.

There are different varieties of bins available such as: storage bins, trash bins, shelf bins, indoor bins, outdoor bins, shelf box divider bins, color bins, plain bins, and bin storage rail boxes, etc. Slots are provided on the front face of the bins to fix part identification tags onto. For storing food materials, bins that are made of PET are generally used. Bins can also be fixed to rails, stacked or placed individually. Suitable slots are provided on the top and bottom faces of the bins to ensure that they do not slide off of the storage racks.

Bins are generally used to store items in them, but they can also be carried from area to area if their size and weight permits. Some bins are used to contain specific items in them, while other bins may be used to hold an assortment of items. Bins that are designed for general use are often used to keep an area or a work station neat and tidy. When you are using bins you need to make sure that the bin is designed to carry the weight of the objects you are putting into them. It's not a wise idea to load a cardboard bin with a lot of heavy items.

Some bins such as fiberglass and polypropylene bins are made to withstand extreme temperatures, are waterproof, and corrosion resistant. These types of bins are suited to handle heavier loads. Since bins have open tops, you need to be careful when stacking them as the articles will spill out if they are tipped.

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