Bin Boxes

Bin boxes are containers that are generally used to store small and medium amounts of small parts in. Bin boxes can be made out of various types of material such as: plastic, sheet metal, fiberglass, corrugated plastic, polypropylene, cardboard, steel, and tin. Bin boxes have an open face on the top, but they can also be stacked on top of one another. Bin boxes are also used to keep various areas and work stations free of clutter as you can use them to store loose parts, supplies and paperwork in. Depending on the size, weight, and shape, most bin boxes are easy to carry from place to place.

There are various types of bin boxes available such as: plain bin boxes, colored bin boxes, bin storage rail boxes, and shelf box divider bin boxes, etc. Metal inserts, tags, and labels, etc. can be fixed to the bin boxes to categorize and number them allowing easy identification of the parts that they carry. The boxes are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be either stacked atop one another or can be integrated into shelves and storage racks.

Bin boxes that are made out of sheet metal usually have a longer life than other kinds as they can often be repaired and the allowed stacking height is higher. Generally, steel and metal parts are stored in metal bins because if they are stored in plastic bin boxes, there is a danger that the sharp edges of the metal parts can scour and dig into the plastic material. This may result in some residual plastic inadvertently ending up on a sophisticated control device.

Cardboard bin boxes are economical, easy to store and easy to put together. There are three basic types of cardboard boxes which are paperboard, corrugated and wax coated. These bin boxes are generally suited for holding items of lower weight. Corrugated plastic bin boxes are stronger than cardboard and are also waterproof. These are ideal as reusable boxes for heavier loads. They can also be washed and they will resist most chemicals. Polypropylene bin boxes are good for heavy-duty loads as they are designed to hold 200 lbs or more. They are reinforced and can also stand extreme temperatures.
Fiberglass bin boxes are also reinforced and can usually handle 500 lbs or more. They are chemical resistant and can also withstand extreme temperatures.

Make sure that the bin boxes you are using are built to handle the weight you are putting into them.

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