Bike Racks

Businesses and institutions are investing in bicycle racks to accommodate the growing number of bike riders visiting or working in their establishments. These bike racks are provided as a convenient and safe way for people to store their bikes while they shop, work or attend classes.

Types of Bike Parking Racks Available for Industrial Use

Bicycle racks must be able to withstand the elements and the changing seasons. For this reason, most commercial bike stands are manufactured with non-corrosive materials to enhance their durability and prevent rusting and scratching. Companies which are committed to being environmentally friendly also have the option of purchasing bike parking racks that are made entirely from recycled materials.

Bicycle racks are available in a plethora of styles including bollard, grid, U-style, double-decker, stadium and wave designs. These bicycle storage racks can also be custom-made to complement the architectural theme of a building, though you should check with City Hall to see if there are any safety codes or standards in place that you must meet.

Bike Stand Mounting Options

The mounting option you select depends entirely on the space where you plan to place the rack. A bicycle rack that's mounted on the wall saves valuable space; if you plan to put the bike rack indoors, this is an excellent option.

Bike racks that are mounted in the ground are permanently set by digging holes and using power tools and concrete to secure the racks in place. This type of mount is impossible to move, so it is more common in parks, outdoor recreational facilities, schools and other places where relocating the rack will never be an issue.

Surface-mounted bike stands need to be anchored to the concrete or asphalt with heavy-duty metal bolts. Since these surface mounts can be removed and relocated, they are ideal for establishments that need to provide sidewalk access to customers, such as grocery stores, convenience stores and retail outlets.

Tips for Installing Industrial Bike Racks

Convenience and security is important to people. For this reason, commercial bike racks should be placed in locations where customers and employees can access them easily. To discourage theft and other types of crimes, bike rack storage areas should be well-lit and visible to onlookers.

Also, bicycles are vulnerable to rust and corrosion if they are exposed to rain and extreme heat. As a courtesy to customers and employees, install bike parking racks in areas that are protected from the elements, such as under overhangs or awnings.

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