Shipping & Storage

Shipping and storage involves securing goods in warehouses or other containing areas until a suitable means of dispatching the products is determined. The shipping options that companies have include moving their packaged freight by road, rail, air or water, or a combination of these methods. Many companies store and ship their own goods however they may also contract or outsource the work. Companies that offer shipping and storage services may pack the goods if required, retrieve them from the customer's premises, reserve space on trucks, cargo plabes, ships or trains, etc. and store them in a warehouse until the proper opportunity of dispatch comes.

A nominal charge for storing the goods may be levied. These companies generally have a fleet of trucks and other vehicles. The charges are levied according to such factors as the distance and the mode of delivery. Large companies that need to ship consignments regularly, usually have an annual rate contract established with a freight company.

Shipping can be done by moving the freight in an assortment of shipping containers such as cardboard boxes, shipping crates, shipping boxes, shipping cases, pallets, skids, bins, steel drums, plastic drums, and corrugated boxes, etc. The freight delivery company assumes full responsibility to deliver the goods intact and to the specified point. The company may also prepare all of the loading, unloading, invoices and shipping documents as well as all paperwork that is needed to clear any international borders and customs. You must always make sure that your freight is properly insured before shipping it.

Before some companies ship their goods though, they may need to store them first. Some companies have storage area on site in the form of warehouses or storage departments and other businesses may have to store their products off site by renting a warehouse, etc. The goods may be stored in various types of storage containers such as storage boxes, storage racks, bin boxes, cardboard boxes, pallets, skids, bins, steel drums, plastic drums, and corrugated boxes, etc. If you do have to store your goods off site, make sure that they are thoroughly insured against fire and theft. Some goods such as milk and perishable foods need to be stored and shipped in refrigerated containers so they don’t spoil.

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