Steel Service Centers

Steel service centers are companies that have a ready stock of standard and nonstandard steel materials that they sell to steel processing units and machine shops. Such centers offer a ready inventory of stock and customers can buy any quantity they require immediately. These centers may help small companies financially because their money is not locked in idle steel inventory. Steel manufacturing companies do not usually sell small quantities of steel and small steel consumers cannot buy from them directly from these large companies as their needs are generally small and intermittent.

Steel service centers offer various types of steel services such as: polishing, slitting, flame cutting, coating, and deburring, etc. Steel centers have ready stock of different steel products such as: steel sheets, plates, tubes, rods, blocks, wires, and coils, etc. They may even offer door to door delivery and give credit to reliable companies. These centers also offer different types of steel such as stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steels, and chrome-moly steel. There are many other types of steel and steel service centers may also be able to manufacture custom steels for customers that have various degrees of hardness.

Steel is made from iron which has had most of its impurities removed. Steel has an even concentration of carbon throughout it, from 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent. If the impurities aren’t taken out of the iron then the steel will be weakened. Stainless steel is produced when 10 percent to 30 percent of chromium is added to the steel. This type of steel is very rust and corrosion resistant. Carbon steel is formed by combining iron and carbon. The lower the carbon content the softer the steel. Therefore, the higher the carbon content, the harder the steel. Chrome-moly steel refers to steel with chromium and molybdenum added to it. This combination makes for a strong and light metal. Tool steels are specially produced steels that can be transformed into a variety of tools. Tool steel is ideal for making tools like knives as they need to keep sharp edges.

Steel service centers play a very important role in dispensing steel stock to the general public, small to medium shops and even large industries. Their warehouses are stocked with color-coded steel products that can be easily identified.

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