Stamped Concrete

If your landscaping is in need of a good makeover, you should look into stamped concrete. This is a great way of making any yard look fantastic without sacrificing a functional walkway or patio. It can help set the mood for any room in the house, but kitchens are especially popular places for this type of extravagance.

Stamped concrete prices range from about $6 to $10 per square foot. There are many design ideas you can make use of when planning your stamped concrete area. Maybe a simple brick design is what you want for your walkway. If you are more into the unexpected and lavish, try a fan design or even a picture worked out through the concrete. You can get a lot of mileage out of good stamped concrete designs. Hotels and zoos have used this technique to dress up their pathways.

If you want to add color, rest assured that there are plenty of choices here. From a realistic brick red to a blue that mimics slate, you can find the look you desire. While natural stone colors are always a hit and can make your stamped concrete look like the real thing, there are always those who will want to do something a bit more adventurous. For these people, pink, yellow and dark brown are available. When you go from plain stamped concrete to an individually colored design, expect the price to rise close to or above $15 per square foot. A lot of labor goes into making these colorful designs look fabulous.

You can use stamped concrete in small doses, too. Try putting a few fancy tiles in among a mostly plain floor and see what a difference it can make! Another good alternative to a full design is to have plain concrete as a frame and then place a small circle or square of stamped concrete in the center.

Stamped concrete walls are also an option. This is an eye-catching decorative technique that uses a material that will not cause the wall foundation to buckle. It can be painted over virtually any surface and sculpted into the design you want. This option can save you as much as 40 percent over traditional stone building techniques without giving up a beautiful appearance.

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