Sewing Contractors

Sewing contractors are companies that sew small to large numbers of clothing and accessories. These contractors may specialize in sewing specific items such as aprons, uniforms, work gloves, masks, zippers, special designs, logos, and patterns, etc. They can also sew fabrics, special clothing, leather goods, fireproof clothing, tents, brief cases, luggage, curtains, golf bags, backpacks, belts, hand bags, swimming pool covers, winter wear, rain wear and leisure wear, etc. The contractors also supply items such as hooks, buttons, snaps, rings, and Velcro, etc. If you have any articles that can be sewed, then these companies cam make it for you. Not only can they design and manufacture new articles, they can also repair ripped or torn items for you.

These companies use special, high speed, fabric cutting and sewing machines. They also offer hand sewing and stitching of special patterns. The fabric cutting is done per standard sizes like: 18, 20, 24, etc. The companies can help by providing the raw materials, designing the clothing, designing special patterns or protective pieces on the clothing for things such as knee pads, elbow guards and the like. Hospitals, defense forces, large manufacturing companies, specialty labs and schools usually use sewing services.

Some companies may use sewing contractors to supply work uniforms for them, while other businesses prefer to use companies that specialize in uniforms. When you travel through town you may be surprised how many people wear uniforms to work. This includes waiters and waitresses, police officers, firefighters, transportation staff such as airline workers, bus drivers, railway engineers, delivery drivers, special event staff, medical employees, and retail workers, etc.

Sewing contractors have a set up which can produce large quantities of apparel with fast production rates. The services they offer may include taking measurements of the staff, packaging and door delivery of ready to wear uniforms. The companies generally work on either a piece rate or volume rate basis. Companies can use their services to save costs and ensure proper deliveries at the right time.

Like all other types of contract work, make sure that you find a company that offers you high quality products as well as a fair price. You should also get some kind of guarantee on their products and workmanship.

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