Quality Management

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Unfortunately, the number of failures that you experience will usually gauge your product or your service. Quality management is a very important aspect of production that puts an emphasis on improving the processes that are used to manufacture a product. It does not tackle the symptoms of why a product failed, but focuses instead on the process and method that created the failure. It is more of a movement and a mission to ensure customer satisfaction. Defective parts or service cost much more than a working part does.

Quality management is put in place to search out any defects in the company’s products or services and a lot of the job is based on feedback from the customers. Quality management is used in all types of businesses such as manufacturing, retail, servicing, transportation, and shipping, etc.

Quality management is responsible for many different things in a business such as:

  • The quality policy that drives the organization's quality movement.
  • Distributing responsibilities, which define what each role holder is expected to do.
  • Defining the processes that join people with processes.
  • Analyzing data that reveals the organization's health.
  • Implementing all of the above.

Production people are usually too busy in the production process and typically regard quality initiatives as an irritant. Because of this it is important that quality management is instilled as a way of thinking in all employees of a company. If people feel pride in the job they do then this way of thinking will be a lot easier to achieve. It is the positive involvement of the top management in initiatives like Kaizen, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, etc. that ensures that manufactured products are defect-free.

Quality is very important in your products and services because if you can’t give the people what they want, they will quickly search for another company who can satisfy their needs. Many businesses base their quality management systems on ISO 9000 standards. This sets the standard throughout the world for quality management systems. These are a set of generic quality management standards that can be associated with any type of company. There are also similar standards in place for specific industries such as telecommunications, environmental management, automotive, and aerospace.

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