Quality Control

In industry, the term quality control means controlling the quality of a company’s product or service and making sure that as the product passes through each individual setup, that minimum standards are met. The focus here is on individual processes and each workstation. If a product is being put together on an assembly line then it should be inspected each time that a specific task is done on it. In effect, a product is inspected for quality before, during and after its assembly. This includes inspecting all of the materials used to make sure that they are up to standard, including the raw materials.

There are many types of tools that are used to measure the quality of a product such as: gauges, analyzers, verniers, 3-coordinate measurement machines, height gauges, go-no-go plug and snap gauges, spectrometers, meters, chemical analysis equipment, and measurement devices, etc. These are postmortem tools that reveal the quality after a product is irreversibly processed.

There are many different methods used that can help to predict the quality after studying the machined products. Tools such as: Pareto charts, flow charts, cause and effect diagrams, histograms, scatter diagrams and control charts can be used. These tools help focus on improving the processes and can be used for a single workstation as well as an entire shop floor. The tools help to process improvements and include individual methods for: discovery, analysis, improvement, monitoring, implementation and verification.

In service quality control, it is a company’s quality of service that is constantly being inspected, this includes all employees. This type of quality control is used by all types of service businesses such as transportation, banking, retail, education, consulting, insurance, construction, computer services, shipping, landscaping, delivery services, telemarketing, and decorating etc. It is imperative that the employees of these business sectors live up to the proper standards or the companies that they work for will quickly take their business elsewhere.

Quality control is part of the overall quality management system that a company uses to improve product quality and service quality. A good quality control system should help lead you to more business and repeat business, which in turn leads to more profits.

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