Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are a fact of life in the construction and landscaping industries, as well as in any business where employees spend significant amounts of time outdoors and away from washroom facilities. If you make a portable toilet purchase, the units are likely to come in pieces, which you'll have to assemble yourself. It takes between one and two hours to put a unit together; you can eschew this process by opting for portable toilet rentals instead. Rented units come preassembled and ready for immediate use, and regular cleaning and maintenance is included in the service contract.

Placement Tips for Portable Toilets

While the placement of your portable toilets will be handled by the rental company if you're leasing them, you'll be on your own if you opted to buy your own units. If this is the case, you need to know how to place the unit properly so it will remain safe and clean.

First and most importantly, place the unit on firm, even ground. The weight of an occupant can turn the slightest little tip or sway into a messy and dangerous accident.

Units should also be placed in an easily accessible area, where they can be cleaned and serviced without having to fight past trees, building materials and supplies, and other obstacles or hazards.

If possible, you should also arrange the portable toilets so they offer users a degree of privacy. Lining them up along a roadway or other public place also invites vandals to damage the units.

Should you have any safety concerns or questions, it's best to address them before the units become operational. Contact the portable toilet manufacturer if you face any unexpected dilemmas during the setup of your units.

Portable Toilet Rental Contracts

If you decide to forego portable toilet sales and rent your units instead, there are a few practical matters of business you need to be aware of. First, make sure your contract explicitly states the monthly cost of the rentals, a figure which should include regular cleaning service. Note the cleaning schedule, delivery and drop-off times and emergency contact information. Also, make sure the contract allows you a way out if the rental company is negligent in fulfilling their duties.

Some rental companies provide supplies, such as toilet paper; others don't. Also, the rental company may require that any children who use the units be accompanied by an adult so the company cannot be held responsible in the case of an accident. As with any contract, you should review all items closely and have a legal professional take a look on your behalf if there are any items you don't understand.

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