Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication processes are used to manufacture an assortment of plastic components such as: boxes, electric and electronic components, aerosol can caps, enclosures, closures, aircraft parts, toys, medical instruments, sports helmets, open top and closed top containers, beverage drinking cups, domestic use wares, storage containers, lawn and garden equipment and automobile components, etc. These products are typically made out of fabricated plastic shapes such as sheets, tubes and rods.

The process of plastic fabrication may also involve extruding, injecting or molding plastic components. Fabricated plastic prototypes may be produced for various industrial sectors such as aerospace, advertising, waste treatment, industrial machinery, pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing, agriculture, electronic, graphic arts, material handling equipment, and medical, etc.

There are many different parts to the fabrication process including cutting, gluing, drilling, bending, machining, and even welding. The pieces of plastic may have to be cut to specific sizes and shapes to fit the product design. Plastics possess different physical and chemical characteristics which will determine the method of plastic fabrication that will be used. Welding is often used for items such as tanks and large storage containers. Welding is performed when two sheets of plastic have to be joined together and adhesives can’t handle the job. The type of welding equipment and the method that is used is based on the type of plastic, what the final product will be, and how it will be assembled.

There are many types of plastics that can be used in plastic fabrication and the process is very popular because it is a low cost venture. Plastic fabrication may be done in house or the job may be contracted out to vendors. The process can either be manual or automatic. Automatic fabrication is used when large production volumes are required.

Custom molded and extruded parts, and special, hard to manufacture plastic parts, can be fabricated by using different processes. Standard plastic components such as: fasteners, springs and electrical cables can be sourced and fabricated. There are companies who carry out contract plastic fabrication work and their services may also include designing and manufacturing the dies and molds.

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