Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing software is the computer software that assists in various types of manufacturing operations. They include industrial software such as CAD/CAM software, PLC software, design software, time management software as well as production planning and scheduling software. Manufacturing software is used throughout the manufacturing process, from assembly to shipping.

Manufacturing software allows shop floor engineers and supervisors to balance the load on the production lines. With inputs such as: cycle time, rejection rates, tool life, setup time, and tool setup time, etc. the time required to complete a batch of jobs can be made predictable. The software also allows load changes to be done more smoothly. In addition, the software uses the actual machining and rejection times along with the machine and manpower costs to determine the effective machine hour rate and the cost per component. Over a period of time, as more data is processed, it is possible to get a fair estimate of the health of the production line, identify bottlenecks and time wasting personnel and link the productivity to the incentive and the payroll.

When the computer software system is linked to the inventory, purchase and design modules the whole system gives a fair idea of the actual machining processes and remote managers can effectively control the processes. The software will keep track of all of your purchases and in house inventory etc. so you will be able to know what you have in stock and what you need to order in just a matter of seconds.

Manufacturing is essential in today’s manufacturing environment and it’s important that it is used properly to get the ultimate results. There are hundreds of software programs out there which are linked to manufacturing. Make sure that your personnel are thoroughly trained on the software. Because procedures are often changed and updated, many manufacturers will have their own software developers working for the company onsite to keep up with all of the changes, etc.

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