Industrial Cleaning

The success of a business depends in part on the impression that the work space makes on clients and customers. First impressions are often based on appearance alone, so maintaining a professional, clean environment for customers and staff is vital to the success of the enterprise.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial cleaning equipment has been developed for various types of flooring. While carpets can make a room look warm and inviting, dirt gets trapped deep in its fibers. Vacuum cleaners are the first line of defense for carpet maintenance, and industrial models have improved dramatically in recent years. Pile lifters are similar to vacuum cleaners, but they offer a heavy-duty alternative to basic carpet cleaning products. Steam cleaners and rotary machines are still the industry standard for professional carpet cleaning and are required for deep cleaning.

Tile and grout trap less dirt than carpets, but they still require regular attention since they accumulate grime and grease. The porous nature of grout can make it especially difficult to clean. Rotary scrubbers are also used for tile and grout cleaning, vigorously agitating surfaces. Steam cleaners use a combination of water, heat and suction and to lift and remove accumulated soil these surfaces, and are a viable alternative.

Another common industrial cleaning instrument is the pressure washer. These tools can quickly remove dirt and grease from almost any surface with a combination of high pressure and solvents. Pressure washers may also help to remove older, set-in stains, but you should be careful at all times when using these machines. They can easily damage fragile surfaces, including tile and grout.

Industrial Cleaning Products

The modern cleaning industry has developed a multitude of specific industrial cleaning products that can tackle just about any mess. Bleaches, degreasers and solvents are widely available from industrial cleaning supply companies. Due to the caustic nature of some of the more aggressive solvents, use care when applying any cleaning agent. Each cleaner is indicated for specific purposes, and the job to be done will dictate what type of cleaning agent is necessary.

Some heavy solvents may not be suitable for certain surfaces and can actually cause damage. Be aware of the chemical properties of any product you use for industrial cleaning, and avoid mixing chemicals unless the manufacturer indicates that it's safe to do so. Materials safety data sheets provide information about potential chemical hazards, and they should be studied closely to prevent accidents and damage.

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