The term freight is used to denote any type of cargo that is moved from one location to another. Finished goods, raw material and work in process goods, etc. are all classified as freight. Freight could be something that is shipped from one end of town to the other or it could be items that are shipped from one side of the world to the other. However, freight usually means the items are shipped by a method other than express.

Freight can also include things such as perishable items, food stuffs, dairy products, machine tools, machine accessories, electrical goods, and electronic components, etc. Freight is generally moved through vans, trucks, railway lines, ships and airplanes. There are special services provided by freight companies that can deal with special equipment transportation. These services may be needed for the shipment of an oversized load and for the shipment of dangerous or hazardous types of materials.

Some types of freight need to be shipped in special types of containers or vehicles. For instance, perishable goods such as meat, milk and other types of dairy products, and flowers, etc. need to be shipped in special refrigerated containers or trucks. The goods are generally packed in appropriate packaging items, such as crates, skids, cartons and boxes, and are either loaded into the vehicle directly or put into separate holding and shipping containers. The containers are then sealed and transported through railways, ships, cargo planes and trucks.

Due care needs to be taken to ensure that the goods are not harmed in transit, proper shipping documents such as invoices, bills of lading, and custom clearance certificates should also be provided with the freight. You need to make sure that the items you are shipping are properly secured at all times while they are being loaded, transported and unloaded. Insurance protection against fire, theft, and complete loss should also be obtained before transporting any type of freight. Many large companies such as Coca Cola have their own trucking fleets and drivers, while other smaller companies will depend on a freight company to ship their goods for them.

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