Freight Companies

A freight company is a business which offers specialized services for point-to-point pick-up and delivery of any kind of freight. These companies usually operate either on a one off deal or on a weekly, monthly, or yearly contract basis. Freight companies also have the required equipment such as trucks, containers, and refrigerated trucks to move perishable items, etc. They can also get the proper documentation to ship oversized loads.

A freight company will arrange to pick-up the goods from the manufacturer’s premises, store them in a warehouse for the transit period, arrange to get the transport documents cleared by the authorities and deliver the goods to the destination on FOB or other terms.

Many freight companies can ship your goods anywhere around the world and they may have to use automobiles, trains, ships and cargo planes to do it. Some companies can handle the whole shipping process while other companies may have to contract out the work to other freight businesses to achieve the door to door process. An example of a company that can deliver something for you from door to door would be a delivery business such as Federal Express and United Parcel Service. These worldwide companies have their own vans, trucks and airplanes to get the job done however they are usually used to ship smaller orders, not truck loads of goods from one shipper.

Freight companies have the right contacts with shipping and airline companies and can arrange for speedy clearance with the customs departments. Long haul freight companies move goods across cities and even countries. These companies have specialized vehicles that are needed to transport items such as automobiles, electronic goods, hazardous chemicals and gases, etc.

Some freight companies will offer express or faster shipping options for a higher price. Freight companies arrange to deliver the goods to the end point of the destination, collect the acknowledgements and confirm that the goods are received, and return the certified documents back to the sender.

When using a freight company you should make sure that the proper insurance and shipping guarantees are in effect. You need to protect your freight from things such as damage, fire and theft at all times.

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