Calibration Services

Chemical and engineering laboratories often use a number of gauges and other testing instruments that must be calibrated periodically to ensure that they accurately produce components or return accurate test results. An incorrectly calibrated measuring instrument does more harm than it does good. In addition, many types of products need to be calibrated for specific things to make sure that they meet government standards. Things that are often calibrated in products include: acoustical, mass, density, optics, dimension, electrical power, photonic, pressure, electrical standards, flow, frequency, ionizing radiation, photometry, radiometry, and thermometry

Companies that specialize in the calibration and repair of these sensitive testing and reading instruments offer calibration services. This is a very skilled area that requires proper equipment and trained personnel. These companies may have one of the following certifications: NIST, ISO 9002, ISO / IEC 17025, A2LA, ANSI / NCSL Z540-1, ISO 9001 and GMP / FDA, etc.

Most companies that produce and sell precision testing instruments will also provide you with calibration services and routine maintenance on them. This is important as many of these devices are very complex and special tools are often needed to calibrate them properly. Calibration services can be performed on your site as well as at the calibration company’s premises. You need to find a company that can quickly calibrate your instruments as down time can cost you a lot of money. In addition they may offer onsite personnel on contract, material pick-up and delivery services, etc. They also provide accurate reports and consultation services for gauging.

These companies can calibrate valve position indicators, process monitoring and equipment used for analysis, gauges, flow meters and sensors, transducers, pressure sensors, load cells, strain gauges, torque monitors and wrenches, humidity measuring instruments, voltage and current measuring devices, oscilloscopes, micrometers, comparators, verniers, ring gauges, and snap gauges, etc.

In some cases, automated calibration software is used by a calibration service to check a device’s calibration and to update the settings. An online system can also be used to keep track of and access things such as your maintenance records and test reports, calibration certification history, and it can keep track of any recalibration notifications.

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