Business Processes

A manufacturing process and service consists of a series of connected activities that use an input to generate an output. Business processes (BP) define the whole cycle of getting an input, analyzing it and processing it further to get the required output. It provides a cookbook of recipes to make the product. A business process refers to the way a company runs its business from ordering raw materials to packaging and shipping out a final product. A business process involves all the employees of an organization. Some things that may be included in business processes include quality management, quality control, benchmarking, and ISO certifications.

The BP sets the workflow for a system. It binds together data, people and processes. Simply put, BP defines a given set of input, what manufacturing process should be used and by which role holder. The people who work for the company must follow the set of rules and policies that a business sets out. These policies and methods need to be continuously updated to make sure that the company stays competitive. To do this, you need to keep your customers and clients happy.

Based on the product, BP can be either flexible or static. If for example, the product is Naphtha Oil, then the process involves a discrete manufacturing process with miles of piping, and catalytic converters, etc. If, at a later stage, the company decides to make diesel fuel instead of oil, then due to the very nature of the product, the current manufacturing system and business process may have to be scrapped. However, if the product is brand X type of face cream, then the business process can be easily adopted to manufacture brand Y type of face cream.

Business process management, business process reengineering and other methods are employed to improve an existing business process. You need to get input from your employees and customers to recognize any weaknesses in your processes. You have to make sure that your methods are working properly and are fulfilling the employees and customer’s needs. You have to continually analyze your operation to see if there are any ways that you can improve on it.

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