Wire Forms

Wire forms involve the bending and stamping of wires into different shapes such as: hooks, clips, wire racks, springs, clothes hangers, special pins, rings, staplers, and pins, etc. In addition, wire form is used to make various types of decorative and fancy items such as, wire baskets and wire bags, etc. These types of items are used in just about all walks of life including the industrial, domestic, transportation, agricultural, commercial and retail sectors. Almost every type of factory, office, hospital, medical center, bank, prison, farm, vehicle and school will have some type of functioning wire form on its premises.

Depending on the requirements, wires of different gauges and composition are used. Heat treatment, anodizing, coating, etc. may be done if needed. This is a high volume and bulk production process. Wire forming services include things such as engineering and design assistance, tool making, fine blanking, coil and spring making, deep drawing, four slide and multi slide stamping, progressive dies, prototype or short run, high volume production, assembly services, and specialty packaging.

Various types of secondary operations are also offered by providers of wire forming services. These include jobs such as drilling and tapping, CNC machining, grinding, EDM cutting, water jet cutting, heat treating, stress relieving, welding, anodizing, electroplating, painting and powder coating.

Special equipment is needed to manufacture items such as stapler pins. The wire is fed from a spool onto the die where it is cut and bent to the required size. A group of stapler pins are lightly bonded together and a group of such pins are packed in a box. The same principle is used in making pins and wire racks. Subsequent edge blunting may be built into the die. Spring manufacture is a specialized wire forming operation and small to medium springs can be manufactured easily. Different types of springs such as compression, torsion, and extension, etc. are manufactured. In addition, the spring ends can be bent to form a hook or an eye.

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