Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are specialized types of loaders that are used to lift, move and dump large quantities of sand, mud and various other types of construction material into trucks or transportation vehicles. They are also used to clear areas of dirt or debris in case of a landslide or a calamity. They are called wheel loaders because they use wheels as their mode of transport instead of tracks. However, these vehicles are also commonly known as loaders and front end loaders. These machines are basically tractor-like vehicles on wheels with a large tilting loader bucket attached to an extendable arm in the front for lifting the material to move. The operator of the loader sits in a cabin atop the tractor.

The loader can be permanently attached during assembly or a removable part which can be used as the application needs or installation constraints allow. Smaller loaders usually have a backhoe on the rear of the machine and are called backhoe loaders. Generally, the loader bucket on the front of a wheel loader is much larger than it is on a backhoe loader.

Wheel loaders come in various sizes and they offer better mobility and speed than track loaders do. Their wheels also cause less damage to the roads than tracks do. These loaders can also be used to dig up the earth though not to a very significant extent as they can excavate only about 3-5 cubic meters of earth per scoop. Backhoe loaders are more suited to digging.

Wheel loaders should be selected based on the maneuverability they offer, their fuel consumption and their engine type. Other factors that should be considered are their storage space, mirrors that can give a proper view of the area behind the machine and the front window, which must give a good panoramic widescreen visibility of the front area.

Some wheel loaders are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions for better control and ease of use. Wheel loaders are mostly used at construction sites, which may require tight control of vehicles on the premise. Hence, these loaders are provided with hydraulic pump motors for excellent mobility. Necessary measures are taken to reduce the noise pollution and exhaust fumes.

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