Vibratory Feeders

One if the most common devices that are used to feed small parts in an automatic assembly framework are vibratory feeders. These feeders are used to store, feed, orientate and isolate the parts. A vibratory feeder is made up of a parts-orienting bowl that is mounted onto a vibrating drive unit that has a variable- amplitude controller. The drive unit vibrates the bowl and this motion causes the items that are in the bowl to move up a circular, inclined track which is programmed to sort and orient the items.

Vibratory feeders can move various types of loads such as: dry detergents, wood chips, plastic pellets, salt, metals, powder, glass cullet, ore, minerals, mining material and aggregates, grains, dry chemicals, seeds, pharmaceutical products, coal, aluminum, ceramic, textiles, rubber, fibers, feed and sugar, etc. Vibratory feeders are used in many types of industries such as: pharmaceuticals, glass, steel, plastics, foundry operations, medicines, concretes, water and sewage plants, recycling, railroad unloading, mining power, baked goods, chemicals, farming, agriculture, and food processing, etc.

There are various types of vibratory feeders available such as: electromagnetic vibratory feeders, electromechanical vibratory feeders, and RUF tube-type vibratory feeders, etc. Material can be moved at top rates of twenty five thousand kgs per hour. Vibratory feeders can be customized to have dryers that blow a current of hot air and come equipped with dust covers if the material contains lots of dust. If the material is abrasive and has sharp edges, then suitable guards and liners are fitted to the system. Vibratory feeders can also be fitted with screens of different mesh sizes to filter out any types of unwanted substances.

Vibratory feeders are used by many industries because they can be used with a wide range of materials from fine powders to large, heavy parts. They also have advantages of manual labor as they work automatically and are less prone to error. One person can operate several feeders at a time which eliminates the need for assembly line workers. The feeders also cut down on conditions such as eye strain and muscle strain etc. Because of their speed and accuracy, vibratory feeders are good investments that can definitely save you time and money.

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