Vibration Absorbers

Vibration dampers and absorbers are used to absorb and dampen vibrations that are caused by engines and other types of processes. They are also used to dampen the vibrations that can be caused by natural harmonics. Vibration absorbers are used in many types of automotive applications such as: engine and gearbox mountings, strut unit mounts for wheels, steering wheel joints with steering racks, arms in the suspension and steering. These devices are also used in many other industrial environments and you can often find them in refrigerators, air conditioners, conveyor belts, and heaters.

Each structure has a natural frequency of vibration. When sufficient inputs like shocks, sound waves and electrical currents are applied, the body of the structure will usually start to vibrate. Prolonged exposure to vibrations is not only harmful, but can also cause mechanical failure in the system. These vibrations can travel across the ground, through solid objects, and through air and water.

Vibration absorbers are used to break the frequency of these waves. Rubber bonded products, spring pads, air springs, cam followers, engine mounts, helical isolators, machinery mounts, rubber bumpers, rubber pads, fluid-filled devices, when placed at strategic points, are all types of effective vibration dampers. In some cases, stadiums, buildings, bridges, and auditoriums often need the use of vibration absorbers, since a large crowd shouting at the top of their lungs can cause an upset in the natural harmonics. High levels of vibration can even bring down an otherwise solid building.

You can have vibration absorbers custom made to suit to the specific dimensions and shapes of an item. You need to know how much of a vibration will need to be absorbed and what kinds of fluids and other substances the absorber may come into contact with. Most vibration absorbers are pretty inexpensive as a lot of them are made out of low cost materials. They usually have a long lifespan and are generally easy to install. In the long run they can save you a lot of money down the road as they can save you repair and maintenance costs if they are used properly.

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