Vertical Lifts

Vertical lifts are made up of work platforms which are affixed to an aluminum mast. The mast or vertical pole is then mounted to a steel base. These work platforms are powered by screw drives, electrical motors, hand cranks, foot pumping, hydraulic and pneumatic air cylinders and air motors. Features of vertical lifts that are common to lift tables include things such as: wheels for positioning and load transport, hand and safety rails, rotating, counterbalancing, tilting, and truck mounting.

There are different styles of vertical lifts including screw lifts, telescoping lifts and articulated lifts. Screw lifts depend on threads to lift their loads. Telescoping lifts are made of numerous sections that can extend and retract into and out of each other. The articulating type of mechanism consists of multiple sections that unfold or articulate to lift the device’s bucket or platform.

There are many different types of vertical lifts that are used for industrial, commercial and domestic use such as pallet lifts, personnel lifts, dock lifts and boom lifts. Dock lifts are used to raise and lower various types of loads and personnel in loading dock areas and boom lifts are used for reaching up and over top of objects.

Pallet lifts are small industrial vehicles that have power operated pronged platforms on them. These platforms can be raised and lowered to be placed under various types of cargo, shipments, and equipment etc. When the platform is positioned properly under the load it can then be lifted and moved.

Personnel lifts are used to lift and lower people to their work areas when you can’t bring the work area to them. This type of vertical lift provides people with a safe, quick, and convenient method to transport people. They are also ideal for product assembly, plant maintenance, and servicing etc. Personnel lifts are also commonly used when other conventional means such as ladders may be too dangerous and hazardous to use.

Vertical lifts are selected by: the weight they can carry, their internal floor space, and the maximum height or the number of floors that they can move. When using a vertical lift make sure that you don’t exceed its weight capacity.

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