Used Pallet Racks

Used pallet racks are usually sold in bulk by companies that have a surplus of stock or are undergoing liquidation. The pallet racks are usually sold at a fraction of their original price and can still be used for many years to come. The racks can often be bought through auctions or by contracts. Buyers should be aware that they may have to dismantle the racks and pack them before transporting them.

Pallet racks are used for storage purposes by many types of industries and commercial and retail sectors. They are generally made of wood, plastic, or metal. Wood racks are usually the least expensive, but plastic and metal racks are generally more durable and easier to move. They are designed to stack easily and can support heavy materials. They are also designed for easy transportation as they can easily be picked up by fork lifts and pallet trucks etc.

Used pallet racks are usually in pretty good shape and they can be used immediately after they are reassembled. They may occasionally need some minor repairs or painting according to the user’s requirements.

The pallet racks can be selected by their size, in inches of the uprights and specified as 'tall' and 'deep' (the length of their steel beam and their cross section width). Supports can be made of wood, plastic or wire steel. The used items can be transported to warehouses and stores and are assembled on the premises. Wholesale dealers who regularly sell these items usually have a catalogue that lists the different types of pallet racks that are available. These dealers sometimes also buy used pallet racks.

When purchasing used pallet racks, make sure you know where the racks are coming from and how they were used. You should inspect them for any type of damage as some pallet racks may have been bumped into by fork lifts or pallet trucks etc. If the racks have been damaged they may not be usable as they could be unstable and might not be able to handle the weight that will be put on them. If you are having the used racks delivered and won’t have a chance to inspect them before they arrive, make sure that you can return them if they are not in good condition.

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