Touch Screens

When you order your favorite beverage at your local pub you will often see the server go to a computer and touch the screen. This is basically what a touch screen is or means. It’s the act of touching a screen to communicate and interact with the computer or other device that is running it.

You can see a lot of devices using touch screens in many public places such as information kiosks, driver license renewals, hospitals, factories, construction sites, bank ATMs and a wide variety of computing applications. Touch screens are designed to make the operation of machines very easy and to also conserve space as they need no additional peripherals or accessories. Touch screens can also be bought separately and installed to work with just about any type of computer.

A touch screen is very similar to a computer keyboard in the way that it is used as an input device. Instead of the user operating the machine by pressing the required keys on the keyboard you just press the image of the keys that show on the display screen. A touch screen basically consists of a touch sensor, a controller circuitry and a software program that runs these hardware units. The touch sensor has an electric current passing through it which undergoes a change when it is touched. This change in voltage or current is used to determine the position of the touch. The software is essentially a set of drivers that reads the position of the touch, similar to a mouse that is used with a computer.

If you are planning on buying a touch screen you should do it very carefully as it involves a significant investment. There are some important factors that you should consider such as:

  • Compatibility with the computer and the type of interface that is used.
  • Verification that a mouse and keyboard can also be used along with the touch screen and that functionality is not affected.
  • The cost of investment for the type of application and usage must be calculated judiciously.

Because the whole idea of a touch screen is to touch the screen, you should make sure that it is kept as clean as possible, especially in a restaurant environment where it may be easy to get food or liquids onto the screen.

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