Toggle Switch

A toggle switch is an electrical switch that is turned on when a stick or handle is turned. This handle can be a rocking type or a lever type. You can find toggle switches in a startling array of sizes, made in many different ways. Some of them are actually quite stunning in the simplicity and beauty of their design. Most toggles have a pivot joint that is something like the human knee or elbow. They are intended to have a definite position when engaged, and should not wiggle loosely. This is called a "snap-action" toggle and it is the most widely recognized variety of toggle switch.

For many people, the toggle switch provides one point of control over many electrical functions, allowing one person to turn on (or off) a whole room full of equipment. Toggle switches can also be used to turn heavy voltage on or off with a flick of the hand.

Toggle switches are in constant use by professionals in the industrial and construction worlds. You can find toggle switches that can change the voltage a device receives, or can tell the available electricity to switch between two different appliances. Computer geeks often have a full array of toggle switches at their disposal because these switches are very helpful in customization tasks.

You can find a toggle switch panel that has two switches at once so you can turn a pair of electric currents on or off at the same time. Some toggle switches can be found that have up to six terminals, though these switches are used mostly in industrial settings or when there is a lot of power coursing through the system.

A toggle switch safety cover will help protect everyone involved. It will keep the switch from being bumped accidentally. As anyone who has experienced an unexpected computer shutdown can tell you, this is a great guarantee! It can also save lives by ensuring that the electric current is only turned on when conditions are safe. You can find safety covers in an amazing variety of shapes and colors. You can even order one in a funky green or a professional black.

A pushbutton switch is a switch that controls an electric circuit, either to open the current or to close it off. Push button switches are frequently used as industrial equipment control handles, in mobile communication terminals and as part of complex medical equipment.

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