Titanium is a white-silvery metallic element whose atomic number is 22. This metal has excellent corrosion and wear resistance properties and alloys of titanium are used in many different types of applications throughout the world. Titanium can be found the earth's crust however it isn’t found by itself and before it can be used it has to be physically separated from other elements and minerals.

There are many different forms and types of titanium. Metallic titanium powder is a fire hazard as it can burn very easily. If it is heated in air, it may explode. If you are ever working with metallic titanium powder you must be very careful with it.

Titanium nitride and titanium carbide coatings are used to form thin (0.001 mm), extremely wear-resistant, coatings on a variety of cutting tools and carbide inserts. Titanium dioxide the most common form of titanium and it is used as a bright white color pigment in a variety of thing such as: paper, toothpaste, paints and plastics, and as reflectors of infrared light in telescopes.

Titanium is 60 percent lighter than steel and is just as strong however it isn’t generally used in construction. Titanium alloys are used for an assortment of items such as: armor plating, shipbuilding, airplanes, missiles, and space craft. These alloys are designed to withstand high temperatures and are very corrosion resistant. They are also very lightweight materials. Because of the favorable properties that titanium contains it is often mixed with steel to make the steel stronger and to help produce stainless steel.

Ship propellers that are made of titanium show much less corrosion and wear than other materials do. Titanium tetrachloride is used in skywriting and smoke screens and titanium dioxide is used in sunscreens. Since titanium is a chemically inert element and it is strong and durable, it is used in medical implants, dental implants, and replacement implants for hip joints and elbow joints, etc. It is also used as liners in food processing equipment. Titanium is also becoming a popular type of jewelry and it is also common to see people riding titanium bicycles and swinging titanium golf clubs.

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