Tie Downs

Tie downs are mechanisms which are commonly used in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications as well as in everyday life. They are typically used for tying down various types of equipment and heavy cargo. The handling of cargo and machinery can be quite unwieldy and dangerous at times and tie downs are an ideal solution.

A typical tie down comprises of a reinforced webbing-like structure which is either made from nylon or any other strong substance that can be anchored with the help of stainless steel hooks; known as tie down points. Many tie downs are stretchable strap-type items. A strong industrial grade tie down must be able to resist wind force and bear the weight of the cargo. Sophisticated types of tie downs that are used for heavy duty industrial purposes have to meet certain load bearing standards set by government authorities. Most heavy duty tie downs are sold with a stated weight or load limit.

Tie downs are ideal for tying down and securing articles that are being transported by truck. They can also secure small airplanes to the tarmac in windy weather and they can tie down tarpaulins over truck beds to protect cargo. Tie downs can also be used to hang things on if you attach them to a rafter or a roof joist you can suspend something in the air.

While tying down the equipment special care must be taken to make sure that the tie down points are carefully and strategically planted. Tie downs are also available in a smaller format to secure smaller objects to motorcycles or in car trunks etc. The principle feature of a good quality tie down is that it has to be able to bear a great degree of weight.

Tie downs come in various styles and often come in variety packs that contain a few different types. Tie downs are also inexpensive and can usually be used over and over again for many years. The most common style of tie down is the stretchable elastic bungee type which has metal hooks as attachable end pieces. The hooks are usually coated in plastic so they don’t scratch anything.

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