Strapping Machines

Strapping machines are devices that are used to seal boxes, crates, and containers, etc. by wrapping them with a metal or plastic strap. These machines can be operated by manual labor or they can also be semi automatic and fully automatic. In an automatic system, the packages are usually shipped along a conveyer belt. With a semi-automatic system, workers place the packages into the strapping machine. These machines can work very quickly and can strap a package approximately every three seconds. Semi automatic machines are also generally portable and don’t need a lot of maintenance on them.

In the automatic set up, the conveyor belt will move the package to the right spot and the strapping machine will stretch a strap around the package, weld it and then cut the strap off at the proper location off. This process can be repeated on a continuous basis.

An advantage of an automatic strapping machine is that each load is strapped in the same spot and with the same tension, therefore it is very consistent. The semi automatic machine works basically the same, but a person places the package onto the machine. These machines use up more of your labor force, but they are generally portable and can easily be moved to another location of the factory.

For the strapping machine to be a fully complete system, you will also need a strap dispenser, a strap cutter, and an edge protector. The strap dispenser can dispense both metal and plastic straps into the strapping machine. The strap cutter is used to cut the straps to the required length. Because the straps are often applied very tightly and metal straps have sharp edges, an edge protector is used to help prevent any damage to the edges of the packages.

Strapping machines are used in the packaging process of many types of industries.
The straps around the loads are designed to keep the loads secure. Even though the straps may be tempting, you should never pick a package up by the straps. These straps can break and metal straps especially can easily cut into your skin and cause a lot of damage to you.

When you are choosing a strapping machine you need to make sure that if fulfils all of your needs. If you are going to be using it at various locations it would make more sense to get a portable unit instead of several individual units. You also need a machine that works fast enough to keep up with your line and one that is adjustable as you may need to alter the tension on different sized packages.

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